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 Why DeKalb MD?

We have removed the bureaucracy and red tape. In refusing to recognize any interference with the sanctity of the patient/physician relationship, we have returned family practice medicine to its root values of clinical excellence and compassionate knowledge of every patient. In every aspect of family healthcare, and custom healthcare, we promise accessibility, convenience, and affordability.
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How DeKalb MD Works?

DeKalb MD is a Network of Direct Primary Care Clinics located in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee that operate on a monthly membership fee and does not take insurance.

Each month, you pay a membership fee directly to DeKalb MD.

Members will have a phone number to reach their Primary Care Provider directly at any time of the day.

In addition to this, any procedure or test that can be done in the office is included. If it is medically indicated, house calls and after-hours visits are offered at no additional charge. Other outside lab testing and imaging have been negotiated at a greatly reduced price. In order to achieve this, we will have fewer patients than a traditional practice.

Specializing in primary care
Same or next-day scheduling
Your provider's cell phone number
We work directly with you instead of hassling with insurance
Wholesale medications, labs, and imaging
No Copayments

Direct Primary Care with clinics located in Chattanooga, and Fort Payne
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