Am a very happy member   Dr Chad and Megan and Pam are great
— Roger
Yes I have insurance and yes this is my Dr.  He along with Megan make going enjoyable!  Happy with everything they offer. NO WAITING
I am a happy member and get my money worth.
— Melissa
He takes time with you.  He listens to what you are saying.
— Julie
 Very happy with my membership it's the way healthcare should be. Had Obama care and it was terrible! We would go to the doctor pay copay and then get a bill in the mail for what the insurance would not cover. We were paying around 600 per month for 2 healthy adults. Now we pay 100 per month for Dekalb MD and 248 to Liberty share (major medical). I'm so happy to be out of the Blue Cross Blue Shield racquet. By the way I would like to thank Obama, Pelosi and the other people that passed Obama care, before they found out what was actually in the bill!
Thanks for always making me feel at home in your office! I love dr chad and Meagan! Couldn't ask for better care!-
— Vanessa
THANK YOU.  Thank you for listening to me and believing what I was saying. If it was not for you I may not still be here on this earth.
— Julie 
I'm honored and blessed to be a part of the Dekalb MD team! It's refreshing to see first hand what "caring for your patients" really looks like. Dr. Chad truly cares and has been spending his free time trying to advance the Direct Primary Care model in the state of Alabama. Thanks Dr. Chad for helping bring back "good patient care" to the state of Alabama and our wonderful city of Fort Payne! Dr. Chad and Megan, you're the BEST! I love you guys!
— Pam
Best decision we made was becoming your patients. Thanks Dr Chad, Megan and Pam for making it such a good experience!